Top Sights and Sounds You Should Visit When in Greece

The drama and art that have surrounded Greece persist today. The culture and values of its people are amazing to interact with. Over 15 million tourists are drawn to the country every year. When going on holiday in Greece, you’ll find that a good chunk of the important attractions is in Athens but the countryside and outlying islands offer as much satisfaction. In this article are the top sights and sounds one should visit when in Greece.

1. The Acropolis

This building is huge and very recognizable. It should be your first stop regardless of your planned activity list. The pantheon at midday is awe-inspiring and at night you can catch a light and sound presentation retelling all of the ancient Greek gods.

2. Agora

A huge set of ruins in the valley beyond Acropolis. Famous philosophers Plato and Socrates taught and deliberated here some 2,500 years past. The Temple of Hephaestos, imposing and well-preserved, stands on a low hill on the western side of the site. Some of the shrubs and trees in the area are as old as the ruins themselves.

3. Athens

In the very cradle of human civilization, you can take a helicopter tour of the beautiful landscape. The tour takes around 30 minutes and flies every day during daylight hours. The ride offers a unique view of Athens landmarks and is considered by most photographers to be the best way to capture the essence of Greece.

4. National Archaeological Museum

You can catch all of the historical action here. Full suits of armor, a replica of the Trojan horse, the war mask of Agamemnon, and more great 16th century relics are available for viewing. This is known as one of the very best museums on earth.

5. Vindos Gorge

As the deepest canyon in the world, Vindos Gorge certainly is an eye-opener. Climbing down to the bottom you will see all kinds of plants and trees unique to the region. Although it can get really hot and humid, it gradually becomes cooler as you descend because the cliffs provide some means of shelter from the harsh elements.

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