Important Reminders When Beautifying Your Own Rose Garden

The use of landscape roses can make the exterior of any house more graceful, fragrant, and inviting. Selecting the right varieties to compliment and accent the home’s style and your vision will contribute to the success of your landscape and rose garden design.

Finding the perfect roses for your rose garden is not hard at all because of the diverse varieties of roses that come in. The problem lies in choosing the right ones for your landscape needs and the design you wish to attain.

Roses come in a number of classes. Each class holds characteristics that make them a great choice for use as landscape ornamentals. If you’d like to have roses growing up and over a trellis or archway or cascading from window boxes, the tall growing tea roses are a perfect choice. Tea roses are known for their wild-growing blooms and all who walk under the archway enjoy a beautiful display of roses.

If a trellis is not available, and you’re looking to accent a wall, then choose a true climbing rose. The beauty of a true climbing rose allows you to train the plant into many looks and effects. In essence, you can train it any way you want it to grow.

The Floribunda rose is an excellent choice when a vibrant splash of the background color is what you’re looking for. The popular Floribunda rose varieties give all this color in the landscape with their large and breathtaking sprays of blooms.

The versatile rose can also be used as a ground cover or planted in front of other plants to give color and accent. They can also be used as stand-alone specimens and trained into a small tree or planted as hedges. Rugosa roses are a good choice for this. The goal or impact of the rose is not the varieties of ways it can be grown but the colors they offer in the living gardening palette. What gardeners want are healthy rose plants that deliver impact in many sizes, styles, textures, colors, and shapes. When considering your design for your rose garden choose the complementary colors for your surrounding landscape. A simple arrangement of pink roses delivers the perfect complement to a stone or marble entryway or drive. White tea roses offer a striking contrast against a dark red brick home. Roses come in so many colors it should be easy to find colors that complement and enhance any decorating or landscape design you come up with. Designing your rose garden will be exciting and challenging, to say the least. Incorporate your own color favorites and mix styles and textures for an interesting appeal.

Roses do well in a variety of temperature zones and climates so make sure you choose the varieties suitable to the area in which you live. This translates into fewer maintenance issues, fewer pesticides, and disease issues promoting overall a healthier rose garden.

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