How to Design Business Cards

The love of my life is a graphic designer and there is never a day that goes by that he does not appear to be designing business cards for people. He is a really creative kind of guy and I could not believe how good his work was recently. Basically, there is a local builder called Jack. He does building but also a lot of other stuff like plumbing, welding, and other practical trades. Anyway, I am sure you get the picture. Basically, he wanted business cards and his little slogan is “Jack-Of-All-Trades”. So my husband designed him cards that looked like playing cards and got them printed in a way that made them look like this as well.

My husband also made business cards for a friend of mine who really needed them for networking. She is always busy out meeting people and said that she was quite embarrassed because her current cards were just not up to scratch. She went for a hot pink and purple diva from the choices my husband presented her with. She is in the music industry so it just seemed really appropriate.

Another cool design that my husband did was actually for another musician. His remit was to design something contemporary and abstract. He really got to work on this job, and he used a really nice lavender color that had to tell him to use in the future because it just looked so good!

What my husband does is run a small part-time graphic design business. And yes, he has his own cards that he used the grain of a tambourine for a photograph. I like him the best, and keep one in my purse because I am so proud of him!

Another thing that I have to tell you is how stupid it is to just go out there and do a DIY job with business cards. It really is very silly indeed. What you have to do is think about what you would think of as a business that handed out business cards they had just made at home. Would you think they would be ultra-professional when they would not even invest in business cards? That is why you have to go out there and get some really good cards which will reflect well on your business.

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